Melissa Ellis Voice Studio



Ages 12 and up!


* Breath Control
* Posture and Alignment
* Extending Vocal Range
* Safe Belting
* Ear Training and Pitch Control
* Vocal Projection


* Vocal Projection
* Stage Presence
* Sight/Music Reading
* Confidence Building
* Understanding Text and Acting
through Song

Voice Lessons with a Graduate of Berklee School of music

Voice Instructor

Unlock your vocal potential with Melissa Ellis, a seasoned voice instructor with over 30 years of diverse experience in the music industry. From the bright lights of Musical Theater to the creative studios where she teaches voice, Melissa's career has been a harmonious blend of performance, education, and musicianship. Holding a Master's Degree from Berklee College of Music, a Bachelor's degree in Music Therapy from Tennessee Technological University, and an Associate's degree in Vocal Performance from Roane State Community College, Melissa embodies a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Melissa's journey in music has seen her touring extensively, lending her voice to various projects as a session musician, and embracing the life of a full-time musician. Her teaching philosophy, deeply rooted in her vast experience, focuses on creating a student-centered environment. She believes in nurturing students' personal goals and helping them develop their unique artistic style and genre. "I create a student-centered environment that allows students the freedom to work on their personal goals as vocalists and creative artists within their own personal artistic style and genre," says Melissa.

Specializing in Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, and Classical voice, Melissa also brings her experience in leading choral and small vocal ensembles to her teaching, offering a comprehensive and versatile approach to voice lessons. 

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