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A new adult, paranormal novel by Melissa D. Ellis (signed copy)

Because of her flaring temper and a taste for the dramatics, sixteen-year-old horror movie guru, Jules Taylor, has landed herself in summer school after a public outburst during an end of school rally. While there, she meets her handsome next door neighbor, Broderick Cooper--popular, friendly, and yet mysterious. Although she finds him intriguing, she remains determined to keep her distance from him. Her heart depends on it. More and more, their paths continue to cross until she can no longer deny the unexplainable and tenacious draw she feels toward Broderick and soon their lives become completely entwined with one another.

As Jules becomes consumed with Broderick's love and secret supernatural gift that he has shared with her, an unprecedented evil punches its way into their quiet little town, unleashing hell on Earth! One close brush with danger and a terrorizing chain of events begin to unfold, forever changing her life as she opens her eyes to a sinister world that walks within her own and has ultimately targeted Jules as its next victim! Will Broderick, her ever-present hero, be able to protect her or is he the danger she should worry most about?

Waiting for her in the darkest of shadows--evil incarnate and legendary as fairy tales.

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