A 6-TIME Josie Music Award Nominee!

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Best Female jazz artist nominee

Melissa Ellis has been nominated for Best Female Jazz Artist by the Mississippi Music Awards! Fans can vote daily HERE! Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form accordingly.

The Awards show will be held at the Landers Center in South Haven, MS on May 24, 2024.

R.I.P Johnny Chops

A Message from Melissa Ellis

I am deeply saddened with the news of my dear friend, John Colianni's untimely passing.

Although we never got to see this project to fruition as we had planned for 2024, I look fondly upon all the practice videos he sent my way and our correspondence. Reflecting on the brief but impactful time I spoke with John, I’m filled with immense gratitude. He rekindled hope in me, steered me in new directions, and arranged songs that I’ll forever cherish. His kindness (He was ever-so kind!), expertise, and contagious enthusiasm for music deeply touched me. And WOW!--was he a beast on those ivories! Such brilliance!

He believed in me – a jazz singer from rural Tennessee with an unshakeable southern accent – and reminded me that uniqueness in music is a treasure that audiences DO value.... "The jazz world could use The Southern Spitfire," he told me when I was uncertain.

John's legacy lives on in the hearts and melodies of those he inspired, including mine. The jazz world lost a great one.