House Concerts

A “house concert” is a private musical performance in your home where you and your friends can experience live music as your own personal concert.  Whether it’s a quiet listening party in your living room or a buzzing social event in your back yard… live music makes everything better, in any occasion!


1.   Contact me and we’ll discuss all the details.
2.   Pick a date and invite your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, perfect strangers…
3.   Relax and enjoy the show!

It’s really THAT easy!

If you’d like more information, just fill out the contact form–it costs nothing to contact me and you have no obligation to book.  I’ll be glad to explain the process and provide ideas and suggestions on how to host a stellar event.

**All house concert bookings are contracted through GigMasters to protect both the client and myself. It’s a smooth, easy process. It doesn’t hurt much at all. 😉